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Is there any beaches around La Manga Club Resort2014-05-16T16:45:23+00:00

Aroun the club there are more than 20 km beaches. the nearest one is La Cala, which is almost in the club. The other are Calablanque, Mar de Cristal Cala Riona etc. Just ask One of our drivers for the best option for you.

Is there gona be enough space in the car for 4 people and sport equipment2014-05-16T16:41:58+00:00

Yes, We Use only big and confy cars.

How much is the taxi fare from Alicante to La Manga Club2014-05-16T16:41:11+00:00

Alicante Airport Transfers price to:

  • La Manga Club Golf Resort € 120
  • La Manga strip € 130 – € 140
How much is the taxi fare from La Manga to Murcia2014-05-16T16:37:31+00:00

Murcia / San Javier Airport Transfers price to :

  • La Manga Club Golf Resort € 40
  • La Manga strip   € 45 – € 65
How to find cheep transport form Murcia Airport to La Manga Club2014-05-16T16:34:07+00:00

Just Call Us! (+34) 617 543 277

Which Is the nearest Airport to La Manga club2014-05-16T16:32:46+00:00

The nearest Airport is Murcia / San Javier Airport, which is 33,8 km from La Manga Club or 20-25 minutes.
Other Airports in the region Are: Alicante & Valencia.

Is La Manga the same as La Manga Club2014-05-16T16:21:04+00:00

La Manga and La Manga Club are different resorts.
La Manga is a strip between Mediteranian Sea and Mar Menor Sea, but La Manga Club is the nearest Golf Club.

Where is La Manga Club2014-05-16T16:19:20+00:00

La Manga Golf Club is in Murcia, Spain. Next to La Manga Strip, Mar Menor.

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