La Manga Taxi International Maurizio Taxi

La Manga Taxi International / Maurizio Taxi

If you need cheap taxi services in La Manga Club or anywhere else in the region of Murcia, La Manga Taxi International / Maurizio Taxi is the right TAXI company for you. Request a Quote

We are not only a cheap taxi, but for the price you pay you get more than a ride from point A to point B. Request a Quote

La Manga Club Taxi / Maurizio Taxi

The best thing about us is that in La Manga Club Resort you dont pay fixed price, but using a Taxi Meter you could get fee as low as 5-8 euros.

To Contact us, you can use an online form to order taxi or airport transfer, e-mail or just call us.

La Manga Taxi Maurizio Taxi
La Manga Club Maurizio Taxi

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Taxi La Manga Club or Maurizio Taxi

you are on the right place.

La Manga Club is one of the best golf resorts in Europe and of course here you could use the public transport in La Manga Club, BUT ONLY IF YOU ARE GUEST OF THE HOTEL.

We recommend to use our Taxi Services La Manga Taxi International / Maurizio Taxi.

If you are still wondering why Choose La Manga Taxi International / Maurizio Taxi services. We are small team and for us every client’s satisfaction is very important. We believe that taxi services are more than transportation of people but a way to find out more about where you are going. Our Drivers Will always assist with every need you have. Driving after drinking alcohol in Spain is STRICTLY observed law. Our drivers will guide you to the best places around, bars, night clubs, beaches.

Safety and Reliability Request a Quote

Your safety is our top priority. All our drivers are experienced, licensed professionals who are knowledgeable about its surroundings. You can trust us to get you to your destination safely and efficiently.